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Many young people do not know what kind of job or career they would like to pursuit and are also not sure how best to prepare oneself for the first steps in getting such job. Through this online counseling service, RLabs Namibia tries to provide some helpful answers to these questions, as well as some useful links, ideas and suggestions.

Please note that this counseling section is still new and in the early stages of its development. Hence, your comments and suggestions are necessary to help us to continuously improve this site and the quality of services we offer.

Thank you in advance for letting us know what else might be useful for youth to receive guidance and support in finding the job they want and that is in line with what they are good at and maybe even deeply passionate about.

Find out who you are and what you want

Looking for a job that fits who you are, what you want, what you value and what you are good at, is important for not only having any job, but one that makes you happy in life. Here are some links to a few great sites that offer free tests that help you discover yourself and which job & career options might be for you. Enjoy!